These steps can be performed 1-2 days after logging in to Facebook from the same IP address.


  • Login to Facebook via
  • Go to and select line 2.

  • Change your password.
  • Check if there are any other Hotmail accounts associated with your Facebook account. If so, delete them.

     2.Log out sessions

Log out of all other sessions of Facebook.


  • Log in to
  • Change your email password.
  • Change your recovery email address.
  • Change your recovery email address to a new one that you create.
  • Delete all old messages from your Hotmail account.

 4.Phone Number & Instagram

- After accepting the invitation to BM, please check that the information matches the type purchased
​​​​​​- Add 2 - 3 backup administrators
- Notify the administrator to exit the invitation administrator

Currently 2 verification lines are hidden, I will guide you to check

Code Check:




  • If you do not log in to or mbasic, you will not be covered by the warranty


  1. Login failed on the first try (Wrong UID, wrong password, wrong 2FA code)
  2. Via Live ads that were previously restricted from advertising (Cannot create Camps, Add BM)
  3. Via has been deactivated from the personal advertising account from before
  4. Via information is not the same as the information on the Website


We do not guarantee or take responsibility for cases where the customer does not Change and is Back.

  1. Via is checkpointed by you due to creating a camp, adding a card, registering a BM.
  2. Via is restricted from advertising by you due to creating a camp, adding a card, adding a BM, registering a BM...
  3. Via is deactivated from your personal advertising account by you due to creating a camp, adding a card
  4. Not using a fake IP when logging into an external Via, causing the Via to be checkpointed due to an abnormal LOCATION.
  5. The Via is backed by the Via owner due to not changing the information after receiving the Via.
  6. The Via has changed the information (Pass, mail, name, etc.)
  7. Via limit 5m8, 1m1 was added a card, created a camp, exchanged money